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About Divine PowerHouse

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a purpose. Each of us embodies a Divine Power. Each of us has a personalized Path to learning who we truly are and living our highest life. This human vehicle is a Divine PowerHouse. You are a Divine PowerHouse. 

At its heart, Divine PowerHouse is about getting in touch with our personal and creative power. In truth, we all carry the answers we need right inside of us. We each come equipped with everything we need to live a life that expresses our highest potential. It's part of our makeup as a human being. We just need to develop the skill and sensitivity that allows us to access that inner wisdom effectively and accurately. 

Here you will find resources, healing services, workshops, videos, audios, and classes to support you on your journey of Self-discovery and Self-empowerment, with a focus on meditation, mindful living and Self-Mastery. 

It is through a path of empowerment, responsibility and Love that we grow into our full expressions and live the life of our Dreams.

Why You Should Join Us

Connect with people who share an interest in spiritual development as a path to living an empowered life to create greater peace, well-being and love in our own lives and in the world.

Enjoy weekly meditation recordings related to mindfulness, self-mastery and self-empowerment to guide and support you in your everyday life. Meditations, reflections and suggestions for living a more mindful life, letting go of stress, and living a life in alignment with your authentic self. A new recording is posted each Wednesday which you can download or listen to directly on our site.

Participate Monday nights with me and your Divine PowerHouse Community on live calls for a short guided meditation for relaxation and stress release and Book Club discussion on the current book of focus (see below for details). 

Watch LiveStream videos for bite-sized inspiration to stay motivated on your journey of growth and architecting the life you desire.

Participate in our Monthly Wellness challenges to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Learn Skills for Mindful and Empowered personal transformation and spiritual expansion to help you thrive, rather than just survive. Learn to get quiet in time tested ways in order to access your inner guidance and live with greater clarity.

Get Clear: Get clear about what you want to get out of life and how much Amazing you are ready to create in your life. Then get inspired and feel supported in your goals with a spiritual community you can connect with right from home.

Monday Night Book Club: June 5 - Oct 2

"Above the portals of the ancient Mystery Schools was but one commandment: "Know Thyself". To know oneself is to love oneself. It is to realize that an infinitely loving God does not forsake God's children. In my world there is no room for any other view of God. Through the magic and mysticism of the Qabala, the ancient doors and gates are again open to each of us. We are offered the opportunity to expand our consciousness so that we in turn can radiate more light upon our world."

 Ted Andrews, excerpt from the Introduction in Simplified Qabala Magic

Monday Evenings facilitate a Relaxing Meditation and Book Club Group.

In our on-line Divine PowerHouse Community site, Monday nights I will be leading you through a brief guided meditation for relaxation and then facilitating a conversation about the book we will be exploring together. 

 These will take place on Zoom. Live attendance is important for the effectiveness of the group. This will be Q&A style discussion rather than me "teaching" you a set of ideas.

Classes will be recorded and available for those who are members at the time the class meets. (If you are a late joiner, no problem. Just join our on-line community and then contact me to pay for the classes you missed and I will get the audio recordings to you. $20 per class.) 


June 5: Introduction

We will start with a short guided meditation for relaxation and stress relief. We will discuss the format, the importance of learning to ask the right questions in your life, and the structure of the calls going forward. 

Weekly discussion will be based on your questions and things that are coming up for you as you explore the material. This will be more like a Q&A than me "teaching" you a set formula of material. Attend live to be able to ask questions relevant to your curiosities and personal application of the material in the book.

 June 12: Chapter 1: The Key

The Qabala is a system of spiritual evolvement and consciousness unfoldment. Brief history of Qabala. Aspects of the Qabala that can be used by all. The magic and power that exists within the system of Qabala and this within each individual.

June 19: Chapter 2: The Tree of Life

A simple understanding of how the universe manifested and evolved. An understandable explanation of how humans fit within the universe. The energies and powers operating within the universe and within humans. Using the Qabala to release the treasures within the universe to enhance our own lives.

 June 26: Chapter 3: The Powers That Be

An Examination of the sephiroth in the Qabala as levels of consciousness within us. A look at how touching each of the levels opens up potentials that exist there. An examination the types of energies that can be touched and utilized by each of us, simply by understanding how to touch each successive level of consciousness.

 July 10: Chapter 4: Destination's End

A detailed look at each level of consciousness, each sephiroth within the Tree of Life. The forces and energies available to us at each level. The aspect of God that can influence our lives at each level. The Archangels and Angels that will assist us in awakening our own innate powers and abilities at each level of consciousness. The qualities that we awaken and begin to utilize within our daily lives by touching each level.

 July 24 & 31: Chapter 5: The Power of Sound, Symbolism, and Invocation

How to touch the various levels of consciousness that make up the Qabala. How the principles of visualization, sound, resonance, and thought-forms open doors to these levels and enable us to bring forth to our everyday level of consciousness the abilities and energies that lie hidden within.

 Sept 11: Chapter 6: Touching the Powers

Methods and meditations for touching and understanding each level of consciousness. Techniques for understanding the various forces and beings and worlds that exist within each level. How to apply the energies at each level to our daily lives - whether to improve and utilize greater clairvoyance or to achieve greater balance in life situations.

 Sept 18: Chapter 7: Strength and Protecting Techniques

The need for techniques upon the path of evolvement and self-initiation. Balancing the aura and the individual energy field with the Qabalistic cross. Building and balancing the energies we draw forth by building a Tree of Life within our auric field. The Middle Pillar Exercise for protection and balance.

 Sept 25: Chapter 8: Pathworking

What is pathworking and how it can be used to initiate ourselves into higher mysteries. Precautions and dangers of pathworking. The basics of the process. The need for more than just a beginner's understanding of the Qabala. How paths and sephiroth within the Qabala adapt themselves to each individual.

Oct 2: Chapter 9: Creation

The Qabala as a method of creating greater and more fulfilling realities. The Qabala as a means of recreating our past, as well as creating our future. The importance of perseverence and practice. Balance and imbalance within the Qabala. Precautions and reminders for those starting their path of evolution.