Divine PowerHouse Community

Empower yourself to create inner peace and contribute to world peace.

Why Divine PowerHouse Community?

We bring together those in search of spiritual growth and transformation to engage in ancient lineage Mystery School teachings and practices, so that we can expand our consciousness, foster personal healing and inner growth, and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals working to create inner peace and empowered to contribute to creating world peace through authentic Mystery School traditions grounded in practical application.

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Divine PowerHouse Community:

  • Engage and deepen your understanding of ancient lineage Mystery School teachings through our monthly book club, articles and videos, fostering spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, building meaningful relationships within the spiritual community.
  • Actively participate in personal healing and inner growth that not only contributes to your personal well-being but also fuels your capacity to contribute to world peace.
  • Develop a daily meditation practice to support you in living with more balance, calm, peace and optimism.

When You Join Today

When you join Divine PowerHouse Community today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Spiritual Book Club: Engage in our specialized book club events that will deepen your understanding of our human experience as spiritual beings. Each year we will focus on one book from the Modern Mystery School suggested reading list and discussions that promote spiritual growth, personal healing, and expanded consciousness. (Details below)
  • Mindfulness to Empower Your Higher Self Course: Participate in this self-directed meditation program designed to support your personal transformation and empower you to create tangible results in your life. Receive one new short guided meditation each week for 53-weeks with a focus on experiencing more calm, cultivating inner peace, becoming the master of your thoughts, and increasing your ability to live responsively and intentionally rather than from reactivity. This course starts with 3-months of meditation techniques for stress relief followed by a two part 3-month focus on developing healthy and balanced kindness and compassion for self and others, 3-months on Emotional Mastery, 7-weeks on mental mastery and 10-weeks on Self-Mastery and Life-Mastery.  I put this very simple and accessible course together to help you master practical techniques to manage your inner experience in a mindful way, calm your nervous system, foster inner growth and build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. This course is meant to be a "where the rubber meets the road" complement to the core Modern Mystery School programs, meditation techniques and classes offered through Divine PowerHouse and promote positive community connection. Life Activation is strongly recommended to optimize your experience of connection with your Higher Self. Empower Thyself Training and Initiation, for those who feel ready, is recommended to catalyze your growth and your ability to move through your lessons more quickly. (More information at divinepowerhouse.com)
  • "Divine PowerHouse Virtual Office Hours" with Dr. Bannink: Join our bi-monthly virtual "office hours" with Dr. Erin Bannink. You have an opportunity to bring your questions and engage in meaningful discussions relevant to your spiritual progression in these group mentorship sessions.
  • Videos and articles: Enjoy carefully curated content about how authentic and ancient Mystery School teachings can enhance your life and help you overcome obstacles, transform limiting beliefs, and reach your goals more efficiently.
  • Wellness Challenges: Create greater well-being by exploring our library of wellness challenges and completing them at your own pace to help you make positive changes in your life
  • Initiates Corner: After completing the Empower Thyself Program with Dr. Bannink or another Guide actively certified by the Modern Mystery School, you will be approved to access this exclusive content designed to support your growth, healing and progression after Empower Thyself. You will also have the option to virtually attend Max Meditations and Initiate Gatherings hosted by Dr. Erin Bannink.

What You Will Receive with Your Membership

  • One Sunday Evening per month: Spiritual Book Club live call
  • Ongoing Community Chat to stay connected and share with your Divine PowerHouse Community friends
  • Option to attend Max Meditation events virtually (offered about once per month)
  • 53 guided meditations: a new guided meditation will be unlocked each week for you for 1 year, starting immediately after you join the Mindfulness to Empower Your Higher Self Course. 
  • Every other month: Live "Office Hours with Erin" Group Mentorship session 
  • Videos and Articles relevant to your Spiritual growth journey
  • Exclusive workshops: Option to purchase access to recorded workshops available only in our one line community
  • Wellness Challenge library to keep things interesting and engaging
  • Initiates Corner exclusively for those who have completed the Empower Thyself Program through a certified Guide with the Modern Mystery School

Spiritual Book Club: 

Essential Principles for the Warrior of Light: Ancient Hermetic and Esoteric Teachings for Those Warriors Who Seek the Light 

by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

  • Wondering what it means to live as a "Warrior of Light" in this world?
  • Do you know there is a better way to live but feel unsure about how to really do that?
  • Are you working to balance strength and love in your life and would appreciate some guidelines about how to maintain boundaries while living with an open heart and representing the Light? 
  • Want some concrete actions to take which are aligned with universal hermetic spiritual principles that have been guiding spiritual warriors for centuries? 

If so, this year's book club is for you! 

One Sunday evening a month we will have a live call for our Divine PowerHouse book club. We will be exploring together "Essential Principles for the Warrior of Light: Ancient Hermetic and Esoteric Teachings for Those Warriors Who Seek the Light" by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, Ipsissimus in the ancient mystery school lineage of King Salomon with the Modern Mystery School 

The intro zoom call is Sunday, January 7th: Topic: introduction and Chapter 1. 

Each chapter has a monthly exercise. You can jump in at any time even if you are joining late. Chapters can be stand alone chapters. This book is only available through the Modern Mystery School International. 

1. SUFFERING: Do not choose suffering unless suffering is necessary to overcome the opposition

2. VIRTUE and ESTEEM: Make decisions and take action only on those things that bring virtue and esteem. Do nothing that you are ashamed of, for you will weaken your Warrior spirit.

3. RESPONSIBILITIES: Carry your responsibilities to completion and carry no one else's for them. Teach them tp carry their own if you must but never do it for them.

4. YOUR GREATEST ENEMY: Our greatest enemy is within the Self, and it gains its power through our ignorance of the LIGHT

5. STRUGGLE: Be grateful in all things and most especially for the struggle, for without the struggle there is no growth or wisdom gained, and no battle won.

6. MEDITATION: Meditation every day so one can stay above the mundane, know the universe, and grow in your discernment to know who and what the enemy is to fight. Without Discernment we choose the wrong fight in life.

7. PATH OF LIGHT: For a Warrior to be a Warrior of LIGHT, dedication to a path of LIGHT that demands greater than what the ego is willing to give must be met and walked upon. For this is the way.

8. LOVE vs HATE: Always wield your attack and defense from love and never from hate.

9. PROTECTION: Protect only those who cannot protect themselves. DO NOT fight for those who will not stand up for themselves.

10. LAUGHTER: Laughter is often the medicine we need to healer wounds from battle so laugh out loud and often.

11. TOOLS OF EVIL: you cannot defeat evil using tools of evil, for you are only creating more of that which you seek to rid the world of.

12. SELF-CONTROL: self control should be the greatest of all control that a warrior desires.

13. GENDER: Remember that both the masculine and feminine energies ave their place and are needed to overcome the obstacles in life. One cannot succeed long-term on one energy alone.

14. STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS It is essential for the warrior to know their capabilities, both in strength and weakness so one may choose the most effective actions within their means.

15. SURRENDER TO THE LIGHT: A warrior must surrender to the Light, for only then can the battles that matter be won.

16. HOW WE RISE: Seek to succeed always, but if one is defeated how we rise defines our strength and Warrior's spirit.

17. JOY: Seek JOY. Know JOY. Share JOY.

18. DO NOT WASTE: Do not waste thoughts, emotions, words or actions on that which has no purpose or does not make the situation better.

19. COURAGE: Without COURAGE the Warrior does not exist for the Self or anyone.

20. THE WAY: Show the WAY by embodying the WAY in all things.

All 20 chapters will take us through August 2025. Join for as much or little as you would like.

The introduction call January 7 will be recorded. All other monthly calls are Live only, one Sunday evening per month. You will have ample opportunity to connect between calls with questions, reflections and comments on your experience through the Book Club Community Chat. 


  • Spiritual Book Club monthly calls: $35/mo value
  • 53-week Mindfulness to Empower Your Higher Self Course: $800 value
  • "Office Hours with Erin" Group mentorship sessions: $60/mo value
  • Videos and Articles relevant to your Spiritual growth journey: $20/mo value
  • Wellness Challenge library to keep things interesting and engaging: $10/mo value
  • Initiates Corner exclusively for those who have completed the Empower Thyself Program through a certified Guide with the Modern Mystery School: Priceless! 

This adds up to a value of over $200/mo!

You get all this for a deep discount of over 75% - 90% off!