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Divine PowerHouse Community
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Divine PowerHouse Community

Live Your Path. Empower Your Life.

About Divine PowerHouse

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a purpose. Each of us embodies a Divine Power. Each of us has a personalized Path to learning who we truly are and living our highest life. This human vehicle is a Divine PowerHouse. You are a Divine PowerHouse. 

At its heart, Divine PowerHouse is about getting in touch with our personal and creative power. In truth, we all carry the answers we need right inside of us. We each come equipped with everything we need to live a life that expresses our highest potential. It's part of our makeup as a human being. We just need to develop the skill and sensitivity that allows us to access that inner wisdom effectively and accurately. 

Here you will find resources, healing services, workshops, videos, audios, and classes to support you on your journey of Self-discovery and Self-empowerment, with a focus on meditation, mantra and Self-mastery. 

It is through a path of empowerment, responsibility and Love that we grow into our full expressions and live the life of our Dreams.

Why You Should Join Us

Connect with people who share an interest in spiritual development as a path to living an empowered life to create greater peace, well-being and love in our own lives and in the world.

Enjoy weekly meditation recordings related to mindfulness, self-mastery and self-empowerment to guide and support you in your everyday life. Meditations, reflections and suggestions for living a more mindful life, letting go of stress, and living a life in alignment with your authentic self. A new recording is posted each Wednesday which you can download or listen to directly on our site.

Participate Monday nights with me and your Divine PowerHouse Community on live calls to renew your motivation, get inspired and offer and receive support on your wellness journey. 

Watch LiveStream videos for bite-sized inspiration to stay motivated on your journey of growth and architecting the life you desire.

Attend all our Monthly Max Meditations free as part of your membership.

Participate in our Monthly Wellness challenges to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Learn Mindfulness Practices to help you thrive, rather than just survive. Learn to get quiet in time tested ways in order to access your inner guidance and live with greater clarity.

Get Clear: Get clear about what you want to get out of life and how much Amazing you are ready to create in your life. Then get inspired and feel supported in your goals with a spiritual community you can connect with right from home.

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